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Picture Exchange
Communication System (PECS)
Child Development Support


PECS Support

Clémence Whitten

Child Development Expert

I'm a child education specialist, based in the Ashford area, and I am passionate about helping and providing support in education and family environment! I love sharing and creating connections to empower your young child or teenager to open their mind! It is never too late or early to ask for help or support.


I have a Level 2 certification in the PECS system - an exciting and unique communication method to teach functional communication (see below for more information). A fantastic programme, established for 40 years and internationally proven, PECS is a concrete and essential toolkit developed to create spontaneous, independent communication and provide social keys.


PECS & Child Development Support
at Home & at School 

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Daniela G.

She is always smiling and enthusiastic and this attitude allows her emphatic connection with all people, children as well as adults


Anne S.

A curious and excellent observer, Clémence has a outstanding clinical sense, is precise in her analysis and shares her background knowledge and experience for building concrete support.

Umberto G.

A real enthusiasm in dealing with children with a great knowledge of child psychology.
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